The Problem of the week

1. About the problem of the week.

Each Friday the Fall and spring semesters, we will post a problem to encourage undergraduate students to enjoy mathematics outside of the classroom. If you have a solution and want to be a part of it, you may e-mail your solution to Jaiung Jun ( by Thursday (a day before new problems). We will post solutions (from us) as well as novel solutions from students and record the names of students who've got the most number of novel solutions throughout each semester.


1. When you submit your answer, please provide some detailed solution rather than just an answer. Also, please include your major and the year you are in so that we can record.

The Winner of Spring 2017


The Winners of the Problem 8 (alphabetic order)

1. R.Behr

The Winners of the Problem 7 (alphabetic order)

1. P.Milano.

The Winners of the Problem 6 (alphabetic order); note that there was no perfect solution for #6, however, the following is the list of names who are close enough.

1. N.Devin, 2 A.Kelley, 3. S. Sengupta and P Kapoor.

The Winners of the Problem 5 (alphabetic order)

1. D.Becevic, 2. A.Thornton.

The Winners of the Problem 3 (alphabetic order)

1. A.Thornton, 2. Joseph Osgood.

The Winners of the Problem 1 (alphabetic order)

1. D.Becevic, 2. D.Green, 3. B.Haddad, 4. D.O'Byne, 5. A.Thornton, 6. J.Yuan

Solution By Alex..pdf
Richard Behr _POW8.pdf