Spring 2018

Talk: Bayes’ Rule and the Law by Prof. Leila Setayeshgar 4/24

Bayesian inference is an approach in mathematical statistics where the probability of a hypothesis is updated as more evidence and data become available. It has wide applications in many areas such as machine learning, evolutionary biology, medicine and even in the judicial system. This talk will explore how Bayesian inference can be used in a specific court case to assist jurors in the process of legal decision making, demonstrating the power of mathematics in the court room. The talk will be at 7pm in EB N24.

Fall 2017

Talk: Cantor's Diagonal Argument by Prof. Dikran Karagueuzian 10/25

We'll review Cantor's Diagonal Argument showing that the real numbers are uncountable and talk about two other facts that can be proved by the same method: the compactness of the p-adic integers (Don't worry if you don't know what these are.) and the unsolvability of the Halting Problem. (This is computer science, and will also be explained.) The talk will be at 8pm in UU 108.

General Meeting, Topic: Infinite Series 10/11

Our next meeting is this Wednesday October 11th from 8:00 - 8:30 in UU 108. There will be several announcements about upcoming Math Club events and opportunities. The topic of this weeks meeting is Infinite Series, and at the end there will be a competition for a prize. As always, there will be plenty of pizza. Hope to see you there!


General Information Meeting, 9/27

Welcome to Binghamton University Math Club! We will be holding our first GIM in UU 108 at 8:30 pm on Wednesday September 27th directly after the Bloomberg Tech Talk, where we will be going over plans for this semester and holding executive board elections. We currently have an acting President, Vice President, and Treasurer. The official election for these positions as well as Secretary will take place at the end of the meeting. If you plan on running for a position, please prepare a brief speech regarding why you are running and what you hope to contribute. The will also be pizza at the meeting. We hope to see you there!