I’ve always been passionate about learning. I read a newspaper every day and 2-3 books a month, I keep up with political and cultural affairs, I stay on top of business and technology trends. But my passion for a deeper kind of learning – personal growth – didn’t begin to emerge until I went through a personal crisis, a divorce in my early thirties. That experience forced me to re-examine my view of myself and my ideas about what it meant to be an adult.

I did a lot of personal and relationship work during that time, and even began to nurture my long dormant spiritual side. The work I did set me on a new path in life, one that has led me to deeper connection with others and a much fuller sense of satisfaction with life. One of the most important things I learned was that adult life unfolds in phases, and that each phase opens up new possibilities for pushing into new territory. I began to experience the potential of living life as a journey of discovery, one where growth and learning never ends.

As I was doing this personal work, I pursued a diverse but fairly conventional career. I had good jobs, did well in them, and had the experience of what would typically be called success. But over time my career felt increasingly less satisfying. I was feeling a deeper calling to be of service in the world but wasn’t able to manifest it in my work. I did some career counseling to explore possibilities and in a surprisingly short period of time an opportunity came up to make personal growth and development my career. I jumped at it and have never looked back.

It’s like the perfect career for me! It combines my deep passion for development with my um… awesome organizational, logistical and technical skills. I honed these skills from experience that includes:

  • 20+ years of business experience, from start-ups to Fortune 500 firms
  • 25+ years of management experience
  • 14+ years of experience in higher education administration
  • 6+ years in operational outsourcing

I started my consulting practice in the fall of 2011 shortly after leaving my position as the Chief Operating Officer of a online learning company. I’m very excited about the work my clients are doing. They are truly making a difference in the world, and I’m delighted that I’m able to help them offer their programs with greater impact and greater operational efficiency.