This site is to serve as an all in one location for earning NEA micro-credentials.

Right now these courses do NOT work for step up. The course descriptions expired on December 1. If they re-open this site will indicate the change.

The What, When, Why, and How

Thank you Jan Parker and Aurora Schools for sharing their many resources.

What: An NEA micro-credential is a competency based recognition that is issued for professional learning experiences. They are designed to support educators in both the development of skills and the acquisition of knowledge. NEA micro-credentials are created and assessed by teachers and are focused on classroom practices that support student success. NEA micro-credentials are FREE and are available to all educators, regardless of their membership status with NEA.

When: NEA micro-credentials are on-demand learning and designed to be job-embedded. Do your learning when it's best for you, and take that learning into your classroom right away! For management reasons we will close this window September 1st and then re-launch under new PDAAC direction.

Why: NEA micro-credentials were created to empower educators and offer an opportunity to learn and be recognized for their skills. They are targeted to support students and offer personalized learning experiences for educators.

How: Log into the NEA Micro-Credentialing Bank, create an account, browse for topics you are interested in, click the image to see a synopsis of the micro-credential, click apply when you ready to start.

  • To earn step up credit also fill out the appropriate forms with our district. These include the step up approval form and the registration forms for your chosen micro-credential.