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Top 5 At Home Tools:

our top tips

  • Set a consistent schedule & stick with it - think about how you will share this with families

  • Simplify - you won't get through everything you would in the classroom, and that's okay!

  • Adapt classroom routines like Morning Meeting, birthdays, storytime, Fun Fridays, etc. for at home learning to continue to build community & relationships

  • Think: If all of my students are learning at home and I am teaching via Zoom or Meet, what are my students doing on the other side of the screen while I teach? Engage them with songs, gestures, whiteboard work, using the chatbox, etc.

  • Incorporate open-ended, hands-on activities by having students build, write, draw, create & add pictures of their work to Seesaw. Here are some examples:

  • Utilize the Seesaw Activity Library to find activities ready to assign to your students & choose a small number of activities each week to give in-depth feedback on

things you should have prepared

  • Send home Clever login information with all students

  • Ensure your Seesaw is set up and kids know how to login and access activities that you assign

  • Be comfortable with screencasting using one of these tools, and know how to add your videos to Seesaw

  • Be comfortable using Google Meet or Zoom and share instructions with your students & families

  • Know how to access curriculum resources remotely and how to assign to your students

  • Practice with your students so they know how to login to necessary tools and communicate with you while learning at home

  • Establish norms with your students so they know your expectations

Seesaw Family Guide 2020
K-3 Distance Learning

Please contact your curriculum coaches with questions: