About Us

Bill Gates Marketing is a successful U.S. based marketing and advertising company. with over 30 years of lead development our clients get the benefits of increased sales, and more effective marketing and advertising campaigns.

Automotive, Home Improvement, Medical, Retail, Government, and Non Profit.

We are committed to deliver the best advertising and marketing ROI possible for growing businesses in the continental U.S.A.

Bill Gates Marketing will get your company the "BEST BANG" for your advertising buck.

Getting your company more customers is our goal!

You'd be hard pressed to find any local advertising or marketing firm that gets you and your business, more for your advertising budget, than Bill Gates Marketing.

We deal with all the TV, radio and cable stations to place your company's ads so you can focus on your business.

You know your business! We know ours... successful advertising!

We know the good from the bad advertising deals; do you?

We will guide you through the process and take care of all the details!

Our team are pros in advertising in a variety of media outlets, including:

Local TV, National TV, Radio, Cable, Print, and digital platforms.

We're here to get your company results!

Among what we do is to get your company great exposure with what we call "Effective Frequency"!

What is "Effective Frequency?" Very simply, it is branding your message in the customers mind - as often as possible - at a reasonable cost (per the venue and availability) - Each time your commercial runs.

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