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"Why I Give to Every Rider, Every Year"

"I am making a regular monthly donation because I want to make sure others to have the opportunity to experience Bike & Build and reap the rewards of participating that I did. I served my country and in return, I found family, community, an abundance of gratitude, and empowerment. My Bike & Build experience and service is something I will cherish forever." - Nathalia Penton - 2016 P2SF / P2C / C2C

"If Bike & Build taught me anything, its to always be asking 'what can I do?'. Today, it is make a donation and encourage others to do the same so that future riders may walk through life asking similar questions." - Megan Reilly - NUS 2016

"Bike & Build changed my life in so many ways. That seems like an understatement. I don't know where, or who, I would be if I had never done Bike & Build. I don't even want to think about it!" - Aileen Strickland McGee - CUS 2010

"Love B&B, love this!" - Molly Bremer - Coastal Drift 2016, NUS 2017

"Every Rider, Every Year......The time is now"! - James Burns - CWM 2008

"Thank you B&B for changing my life!!" - Alex Harcourt - SUS 2011

"Thank you Bike and Build for the profound impact you have had and continue to have on my life!" - Mark Thompson - NUS 2016

"The Klipper Family Foundation is proud to support the work of Bike & Build. The people who bike cross country experience the beauty of not only the landscape, but the communities who make up or great nation." - Klipper Family Foundation - ME2SB 2008

"B&B changes lives forever--both those who benefit from the affordable housing impact, and the riders who have the experience of a lifetime and walk away with a team that's like family." - Daniel Esposito - CUS 2017

"Above all else, B&B impacts people so that they can impact others. And have fun doing it ;) Love you all" - Brooks Crist - NUS 2016

"The mission, vision and people of this organization will always be close to my heart." - Chelsea Tossing - P2SF / P2C / C2C 2015

"B&B for ever" - Matt Gleason - NUS 2018

"Quangle!" - Raj Bhandari - P2S 2009

"#P2Sgoesfarther" - Carolyn Schmidt - P2S 2016

"B&B 4 life :) #NC2SD16" - Alden Kessenich - NC2SD 2016

"So much B&B love" - Taylor O'Leary - NUS 2017

"P2S04 for life! Andy Schneider, thank you for organizing." - Joshua D Champagne - P2S 2004

"I used an electronic pump the other day and felt like I was betraying Joe Blow by how much I loved it." - Kevin Bickard - SUS 2017

"I love everything about burritos and Bike & Build. Happy to help." - Ron Stepanek - K2C 2018

"Thanks for inspiring my husband! Bike & Build has impacted him with incredible positive vibrations." - Kathy Stepanek

"P2S OH FOUR! Here’s a חי, for the trip of a lifetime!" - Steven Aussenberg - 2004 P2S

"Bike & Build was an incredibly powerful experience for me, and I hope my donation will enable students to develop their commitment to service and justice, sense of adventure, willingness to push their limits, confidence to persevere, and openness to new experiences and new people." - Sarah Bergquist - 2004 P2S

"keep changing lives. - SUSthebest" - Colette Biro - 2017 SUS

"P2S04!" - Maya Bruhns - 2004 P2S

"Bike and Build rulez!" - Amanda Carson - 2015 SC2SC

"Bike and Build was such a wonderful experience for me!!" - Laura Chan - 2004 P2S

"My B ALIA I got you tho!" - Alexander Davidson - 2017 NUS

"This is a great campaign and good luck." - James Dunphy - 2014 SC2SC

"Andy, way to get us on the bike-wagon!" - Angela Flynn - 2004 P2S

"Frank was a World War II veteran who passed in April. After the war Frank owned and operated Elmont Bike & Mower on Long Island until he retired some 15 years ago. He recently passed just prior to his 92 birthday and Frank LOVED to make things - furniture, anything. He was always building. We can't think of a better way to honor his memory then to donate to your organization." - Arthur & Christine Foran

"Bike & Build fosters a community of leaders, connects individuals and communities, and tackles big goals one pedal stroke at a time. Bike & Build transforms lives - for riders, leaders, community partners, and beyond." - Alice Post - 2015 SUS

"Bike & Build has meant so much to me, and it's a huge part of who I am. It's never far from my thoughts, and I wanna make sure others can have the same experience I did." - Kyle Gamsby - 2009 P2S

"Bike & Build helped me become the person I am today. I want to see others have that chance #susthebest" - JoBeth Minniear - 2014 SUS

"Bike & Build is the best opportunity I have ever had. Period. Everyone should have access to this forever." - Joe Girton - 2012 CUS

"Bike & Build P2S'12 was one of the most extraordinary and life-changing experiences that I have had the pleasure of taking part in. It shaped who I am today in so many ways, and I cannot imagine passing up the opportunity to support the future of such an incredible organization." - Anna LaVigne - 2012 P2S

"Bike & Build showed me not only the immense natural beauty of the United States from the saddle, but also the unending kindness and generosity of its citizens in a year when everything on the television was telling us to hate each other (election 2016). It opened my eyes to people lives and gave me an opportunity to give back. I want to ensure that this opportunity is available for young adults for years to come." - Nicholas Hales - 2016 SUS

"Bike and Build has had an incredible impact on my life. It is an organization that truly changes people for the better. I hope that it can continue to do so." - Steven Hanna - 2015 NC2SD

"Bike and Build opened up a world of gratitude and generosity that I had never experienced quite so profoundly before our trip. I hope that B&B can continue to inspire and welcome new riders for years to come, especially as they aim to maximize safety on the road." - Lucy Goodson - 2013 SUS

"Bike and Build was a transformative experience in my life and I am happy to do what I can to support its mission while keeping the riders as safe as possible." - Claire Rudolph Hyland - 2009 SC2SC

"CD17 was one of the greatest adventures of my life. Over the three weeks, my fellow riders became my family. This experience and the people I shared it with is one I want to remember when I'm an old lady. B&B is very special and should be around for generations to come " - Kellie Taylor - 2017 Coastal Drift / Capital Ride

"I mention Bike&Build almost weekly to friends, family, colleagues and strangers. B&B undoubtedly shaped the trajectory of my life for the better." - Kate Benedict - 2012 SC2SC

"I'd be NUtS not to donate to an organization that changed my life!" - Spenser Garcia - 2017 NUS

"If everyone rode a bike across a continent, the world would be a better place." - Marlee Henninge - 2014 SUS

"My first Bike & Build trip over a decade ago was truly life changing. I hope to see B&B live on for many years to come." - Courtney O'Neill - 2006 NUS

"Thankful for Bike & Build. An unforgettable summer filled with laughter, tragedy, and love. "SC2SC 20-1-1, thanks again we had so much fun!" - Cecelia Quillin - 2011 SC2SC

"Ride on" - Justin Fried - 2004 P2S

"I will make it monthly when I have more money!" - Jacqueline Geisler - 2017 NUS

"Bike & Build is a huge part of who I am today, who my friends are, and how I choose to live my life. I can't wait for the day when I can afford to give more :)" - Bethany Haley - 2009 P2S

"NC2SD14 - here is to all the memories, laughs and friendships. -T$" - Taylor Harlan - 2014 NC2SD

"Thank you, Bike & Build, for making most of into who we are today. If possible, I'd like to earmark this donation to be used exclusively to buy Chamois Butter wholesale by the gallon for future riders to bathe in pre-ride." - Jeremy Klitzman - 2017 Drift West

"Buying a dinner, in exchange for the lifetime of pasta and peanut butter." - Caroline Mailloux - 2004 P2S

"In honor of Jes Horton on her wedding day, an amazing SC2SC 2015 rider with the biggest heart <3" - Zoey Mauck - 2015 SC2SC

"Bike & Build remains the best thing that I've done in my life, ever." - Souvik Paul - 2016 P2SF / P2C / C2C

"I could write an essay on how B&B has changed my life; simply put, I would be DEVASTATED and the world would lose a good thing if B&B closed it's doors. Ride on ride on!" - Sean Petersmark - 2016 NUS

"It's safe to say that Bike & Build NC2SD12 ruined my life in the best possible way. It taught me a sense of wonder and adventure that could not be replicated in the life I went back to after my summer in the saddle. I'm now a flight attendant and my career consists of the same gypsy lifestyle of a Bike & Build summer. Keep doing what you're doing, B&B. We'll support you through it all. RIP NC2SD, you were an amazing route." - Brigette Redick - 2012 NC2SD

"Thanks for making me who I am today, Bike & Build!" - Melissa Scheinfeld - 2004 P2S

"Oh Bike and Build, my Bike and Build... Thank you for changing my life! (for the better, of course :)" - Ren-Horng Wang - 2004 P2S

"I love Bike & Build and want everyone else to too" - Shannon White - 2012 P2SF / P2C / C2C