Cool ways to


Want to help Bike & Build / Every Rider, Every Year

but you are short of cash?

Here are a few other easy ways you can contribute:

  1. Host Facebook Birthday fundraiser. Alumni doing this average $220 to Bike & Build!
  2. Does your employer share the same values as Bike & Build? Might they be interested in:
  3. Are you aware of any Family Foundations?
  4. Participate in another fundraising event, and direct your support to Bike & Build. Ex. the Philly Marathon
  5. Spearhead an alumni happy hour, or Chipotle night in your area, with proceeds going back to Bike & Build (Skip Burns rolls burritos in Boston)
  6. Sign up for Amazon Smile
  7. Let us know about any of your ideas!

See Below for Examples

Thank you leonard klipper!

ME2SB'08 & Capital Ride'10 alum

Leonard's family foundation donated $1,000

"The Klipper Family Foundation is proud to support the work of Bike & Build.

The people who bike cross country experience the beauty of not only the landscape,

but the communities who make up or great nation." - Leonard Klipper

We are an Amazon Smile designated organization

Bookmark our amazon smile as your go to amazon link. You don't have to do anything else. A small portion (%0.5) of your purchase gets donated to us.


We are an REI Affiliate

Bookmark our REI affiliate as your go to REI link. You don't have to do anything else. We receive a small commission on every order you make.

We are an Back Country Affiliate

Bookmark our Back Country affiliate as your go to BC link. You don't have to do anything else. We receive small commission on every order you make.

Offer Your Skillset

Have a special skill, or just want to support? Here are the areas Bike & Build is often looking for some expert support:

  • IT Issues
  • Graphic Design
  • Bike Safety Advocacy
  • Recruitment
  • Diversity

Contact Lily Goldberg with inquiries:

  • 9 Bike & Builder's are signed up to run the 2019 Philly Marathon
  • Fundraising requirement is $250 for the half, $300 for the full!
  • Come join the fun!