Big Boot Games is an independent game studio located in Mumbai, India. Reborn in 2014, the company was originally founded in 2011 by Nairith Roy and Aarti Gaur - two passionate game developers working with a core mission of creating new games and experiences, across game genres .

There are two games in production for commercial release at Big Boot Games . Meteora is a 2 button arcade, action racer set in an open space where you play as a Meteor. The other game we are making at Big Boot Games is Monarchy, a Luck & Skill based casual strategy board game experience that draws on elements from the ancient Indian board games like 'Chausar' of Mahabharata fame. Aarti Gaur is the Art Director for both the games and is responsible for their unique and abstract feel. The overall design is the vision of Designer and Game Director - Nairith Roy.