ABA to Fit Your Needs!


Summary of Services

At Behavioral Independence, we help individuals with Autism and various behavioral disorders decrease problematic behaviors while increasing acquisition skills in order to maximize independence and achieve the highest quality of life.

Behavioral Independence can provide services in other settings as well such as daycare, schools, after school programs, etc. contingent on the need and the consent of the program. We collaborate with other professionals to provide the best possible services for your child in the settings where you child needs the most help.e all have a tendency to put others first, but in doing so, we can sometimes neglect our relationship with ourselves. Let me be your advocate and show you a kinder, gentler way to treat the most important person in your life.

Activity Engagement Skills

Participating in activities and community events such as hobbies, going to the park, shopping in stores, etc. 

Social Interactions

Teaching interactions with others such as playing with other children, conversational skills, making and maintaining friendships, greetings, personal space, game play, etc. 

Daily Living Skills

Working on skills such as toileting, hygiene and grooming, morning and evening routines, chores, and safety skills, etc. 

Communication Skills

We work on teaching functional communication skills such as asking appropriately for wants and needs through developing language, utilizing picture communication systems, voice output devices, etc. 

Information Gathering

We meet with the family and gather information, conduct observations and take data to look for patterns of behavior. 

Behavior Assessment

We use the data we have gathered to develop an intervention plan and recommend a plan for therapy that will fit with the needs of your family. 

Data Monitoring

We monitor the progress through data collection and observations, utilizing the data to create graphs. 

Assessment and Plan Update

Periodically we review the assessment and plan, updating goals as needed. 

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