College And Scholarship


Every year hundreds of minority students begin the daunting process of applying to colleges, universities, and vocational training programs. Somewhere in this multi-step process, many minority students become intimidated and decide not to pursue a post-secondary school or vocational training program because of the overwhelming cost. Some people refer to this realization as “sticker shocked!"

Students often believe they must be exceptionally smart or an “All-American” superior athlete to be awarded a scholarship or to receive any form of financial support. Well that is simply not true! What many students and parents do not realize is there are scholarships and financial aid support opportunities available to minority students, this website being one of those opportunities.

As educators, we know the value of receiving a good college education. We have read the statistics and reviewed the data that reflect a lower enrollment of minority students in colleges and universities. We are also aware of the fact that college costs escalate each year. This website offers a multitude of scholarships and financial aid resources that allow minority students become successful scholarship recipients.

We envision this website as an open door to scholarship opportunities for the minority students and families in Bremen High School District 228.