Student Services

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The Student Services Department is a group of professionals trained to provide support (academic, personal, career, discipline, attendance, health, etc.) to students, parents and teachers. The following is a specific list of responsibilities for each division of the Student Services Department:

Assistant Principal for Student Services

Ed Sterling x8106

Supervises the PPS Department; Coordinates testing; Prepares the Master Schedule; Oversees course selection


Michele Jurgens (A-GOM) x8119

Dave Curtin (GON-N) x8112

Otis Lane (O-Z) x8113

Oversees attendance; Regulates and helps maintain discipline; Promotes an orderly, safe, and secure learning environment; Supports students, parents, and staff with behavior management techniques

Guidance Counselors

William Flood (A-De) x8124

Carla Cheatham (Df-Hi) x8114

Jennifer Bylut (Hj-Mon) x8115

Anna Rauch (Moo-Sal) x8117

Kristine Bonebrake (Sam-Z) x8116

Counsels students in personal, academic, and career domains; Teaches developmental guidance lessons; Schedules students; Oversees testing (PSAT, ASSET, ASVAB, A.P., Consumer Ed); Promotes and maintains parental/community relations

Project Manager

Amy Richardella x5264

Assists Assistant Principal for Student Services and counselors; Coordinates special projects for the Student Services Department; Arranges College and Career Speakers; Scholarship Coordinator

Social Workers

Theresa Connelly x8110

Ted Bailey x####

Serves as a liaison between school, home, and community; Provides consultation with parents regarding behavior management and community resources; Provides individual and group counseling to identified students


Tamara Pryor x8111

Reviews student immunization records; Responds to student illness or injury; Monitors student in-school medication

PPS Secretary

Shelli Posey x8107

Answers questions and monitors the PPS office; Teams with other PPS staff to monitor graduation, testing, and other records in PPS; Adjusts grades as requested


Sharlene Innocenti x8151

Prepares transcripts and student records; Assists in the PPS office for various projects

Deans' Secretary

Gina Rampage x8108

Assists Deans with discipline records; Monitors records and files; Assists with attendance

Attendance Secretary

Karen Edwards x8109

Monitors and records attendance; Writes state and local reports

Special Education Coordinator

Jacki Frederking x####


Diamond Douglas x8147

Kelly Eastman x8146

Identifies and coordinates programming for special education students; Screens and assesses possible candidates for special education; Obtains and maintains special education records; Consults with staff and parents regarding needs of students

Speech Pathologist

Nedra Lee x4825

Works with students to improve speech and language skills

Special Education Secretary

Sharryn Smyth x8133

Spanish - English Translator

Rosario Jaramillo x8162