Student Services

The Student Services Department is a group of professionals trained to provide support (academic, personal, career, discipline, attendance, health, etc.) to students, parents and teachers. The following is a specific list of responsibilities for each division of the Student Services Department:

Assistant Principal

for Student Services

Ed Sterling x8106

Supervises the PPS Department. Coordinates testing. Prepares the Master Schedule. Oversees course selection.


Michele Jurgens x8119

A - Gu, All grades

Dave Curtin x8112

Gv - Pe, All grades

Joe Infantino x8113

Pf - Z, All grades

Oversees attendance; Regulates and helps maintain discipline; Promotes an orderly, safe, and secure learning environment; Supports students, parents, and staff with behavior management techniques.


William Flood x8124

A - D, Class of 2023

A - Cord, Class of 2024-2026

Jodie Reilly x8114

E - La, Class of 2023

Core-Hern, Class of 2024-2026

Jennifer Bylut x8115

Lb - O, Class of 2023

Hero-Na, Class of 2024-2026

Anna Rauch x8117

P - Sam, Class of 2023

Nb-Sanc, Class of 2024-2026

Kristine Bonebrake x8116

San - Z, Class of 2023

Sand - Z, Class of 2024-2026

Counsels students in personal, academic, and career domains; Teaches developmental guidance lessons; Schedules students; Oversees testing (PSAT, ASSET, ASVAB, A.P., Consumer Ed); Promotes and maintains parental/community relations.

Project Manager

Amy Richardella x5264

Assists Assistant Principal for Student Services and counselors; Coordinates special projects for the Student Services Department; Arranges College and Career Speakers; Scholarship Coordinator.

Social Workers

Jessica Null x8136

A - L, All grades

Theresa Connelly x8110

M - Z, All grades

Sarah Sabatino x8137

Serves as a liaison between school, home, and community; Provides consultation with parents regarding behavior management and community resources; Provides individual and group counseling to identified students.

PPS FAX: 708-371-4615

PPS Secretary

Lissie Rivera x8107

Answers questions and monitors the PPS office; Teams with other PPS staff to monitor graduation, testing, and other records in PPS; adjusts grades as requested.


Kathi Zylman x8151

Prepares transcripts and student records; Assists in the PPS office for various projects.

Deans' Secretary

Gina Rampage x8108

Assists Deans with discipline records; Monitors records and files; Assists with attendance.

Attendance Secretary

Rosario Jaramillo x8109

Monitors and records attendance; Writes state and local reports.

Special Education Coordinator

Jacki Frederking x4845

Special Education Secretary

Sharryn Smyth x8133


Diamond Douglas x8147

Carly Kaplan x8125

Alexis Lane

Identifies and coordinates programming for special education students; Screens and assesses possible candidates for special education; Obtains and maintains special education records; Consults with staff and parents regarding needs of students.

Speech Pathologist

John McGarry x8225

Works with students to improve speech and language skills.


Tamara Pryor x8111

Reviews student immunization records; Responds to student illness or injury; Monitors student in-school medication.

Nurse's Assistant

Sandra Sandoval x5244

Spanish - English Translator

Aaron Reyes x8162