LA Clase de SeƱorita Rose

Ā”Bienvenidos a la clase de Srta. Rose!

My class schedule and contact info is below, but feel free to click on any of the other pages at the top of the screen to find out more about me and to find important class documents, such as rules and syllabi!

Name: Alli Rose

Courses: Spanish I, II, and II Honors

E-mail address: (This is the best way to contact me!)

Daily Schedule:

Period Class Room

1 None ----

2 Spanish II 114

3 Teacher Prep. ----

4 Spanish II 114

5 Spanish II 114

6 Spanish I 114

7 A-Lunch/B-Study Hall 104

8 Spanish II Honors 115

I am available for help during 3rd period and 7th period, and can arrange times to meet with students before or after school, if needed! Please contact me via e-mail, I check it every day!!