Our Procedure

First Phone Call - Discovery Call

  • Fact Finding conversation with one our associates - He or she would gather your financial information such as current financial state, financial goals, and your biggest financial concerns.
  • Scheduling a conference call or in person meeting with Mr. Talebi.

Second Phone Interview or In Person Meeting - Design Session

  • Mr. Talebi would present the best possible ideas to achieve your goals.
  • Depending on your case, an associate with expertise in suggested ideas would assign to you to work with you alongside of Mr. Talebi.

Third Phone Interview or In Person Meeting - Strategy Session

  • The documents of suggested accounts to fulfill your goals would be shared with you via mail or email in advance.
  • Mr. Talebi or assigned associate would answer your questions and address your concerns.

Fourth or Final Phone Call or In Person Meeting - Action Session & Review Session

  • The applications would be shared with you for your review and signature, and copies would be provided.
  • Any questions or concerns regarding the suggested accounts would be addressed.
  • Follow up calls would be made to make sure that you have received all the necessary documents to protect your investments.

Please bear in mind that more than 2 or 3 conversations and meetings may be required depending on the complexity of your case.

We want to make sure that we provide the best possible strategy for you. Our team will work hard to earn your trust and business.