Vision for Technology Use at BH-BL

Our vision is to develop an educational technology program that supports the implementation of the Skills and Themes of BH-BL’s 21st Century Framework for Learning. We view technology as an important tool through which this objective can be achieved. In addition to supporting our 21st Century Framework for Learning, our district’s education system will leverage the power of technology to help measure student understanding and use assessment data for continuous improvement. We want to leverage the power of technology to expand interactive educational offerings including flipped classrooms, blended learning, building global connections, digital citizenship and distance learning. We use technology to report that data to parents and the public at large. We believe that district technology should be guided by stakeholders who have meaningful input into technology leadership and decision making. We will support instruction with readily available classroom instructional technology and a secure, reliable, cost-effective technology infrastructure, and effective IT support. BH-BL is committed to data privacy, data security as well as online safety for all users.

Long Range Goals

(Submitted to NYSED as part of 2018-2021 District Technology Plan)

Goal 1

Replace aging equipment in every district classroom with state of the art instructional technology in order to better support teachers in the creation and delivery of curriculum to positively impact student learning.

Goal 2

Provide access to up-to-date mobile devices for every student and instructional staff member in order to provide opportunities for differentiated learning and increased digital literacy and citizenship.

Goal 3

Through the use of internal processes and external services, judicially limit access to 3rd party applications in order to protect student and staff data privacy (Education Law 2-D compliance).

Goal 4

Ensure the network is strong, fast and secure throughout the district. Replace aging network infrastructure and expand network access in order to provide improved network access to staff and students, allowing for an improved work environment. Update switch and access point infrastructure for optimal wireless capabilities to sustain our current and projected operational needs and support our expanding educational demands.