Rules, Policies & Forms

The Egan Library Media Center encourages lifelong learning.

Students visit the library to read and research; to explore and create. We encourage excitement, passion, exploration and above all, a love of reading and learning.

Library Collection

The Stevens Library Media Center collection includes print, multimedia, and online resources. Print resources include books, magazines, and reference materials. Multimedia resources include DVDs and streaming access. Online resources include our website and access to the district's subscription databases and websites.

We also can request materials from other schools in our district.

The collection is designed to support the grade-level curriculum and provide age-appropriate literature for recreational reading.

The library collection is cataloged in a computerized database called Destiny. We search the online catalog through the Internet and you can search the Stevens Library Media Center collection from home.

Rules for Proper Use & Care of Library Materials

Students are responsible for library materials. In case of loss or damage, the students is required to pay the replacement cost of the materials.

1. Students will care for and protect library materials from loss or damage due to water, food, pets, mark-ups or otherwise.

2. Students will return library materials in a timely manner. Students with overdue library materials may not be permitted to borrow additional materials and may be restricted from independent access to the library.

3. Students will be responsible for the replacement cost of library materials that have been lost or damaged beyond repair. The replacement cost and the extent of the damage is to be determined by the Library Media Specialist.


Students are encouraged to borrow from our extensive collection. Each student has a unique patron barcode for his or her library account. Since our circulation is computerized, it serves as a means of verifying that library materials are checked out to the correct patron. Students can use their district login to access their Destiny account. Students also can request materials from other schools in our district, subject to the approval of library personnel.

Loan Period

Library materials are checked out for a two-week loan, and may be renewed two times, on or before the due date. Books that are currently on loan may be placed on reserve (hold) by another student. Books that are placed on hold while out on loan may be renewed only once.

Overdue & Lost Books

When a student is two months late in returning library materials, a written overdue notice is given to the student. Repeated overdue notices may be sent. Further borrowing may be suspended until the overdue materials are returned, and independent access to the library may be restricted.

If a student believes they have lost their library book a letter is mailed home, along with a copy of the book's record showing the replacement cost. Upon payment or replacement, a letter of receipt is sent home with the student and full library privileges are restored.

If a library book is returned to the Library Media Center within the same academic year that is was lost, any monies paid will be refunded.

Damaged Books

When a book is returned to the library in a damaged condition, the Library Media Specialist will attempt to determine the cause and extent of the damage. Sometimes a book can be repaired to make it suitable for circulation. Other times, the damage is irreparable, and a replacement cost will be determined.

When a book is damaged beyond suitability for circulation, a letter is mailed home, along with a copy of the book's record showing the replacement cost. Upon payment, a letter of receipt is sent home with the student.

Rules for Proper Use of Computers

1. Students must adhere to the district's Acceptable Use Policy (AUP).

2. School computers may only be used for school assignments.

3. Personal e-mail is not permitted on school computers.

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