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Transforming Questions

Wherever you are on your journey of faith, you are welcome at this table.

One of the greatest challenges Episcopalians face in teaching and proclaiming “the Good News of God’s kingdom” in the church and world is clearly understanding what we believe, why we believe, and most importantly how we should live that belief. We wonder what it would be like to gather with other disciples at Jesus’ feet and ask hard questions that we have struggled with at one point or another – and be transformed into a worshipping community that confidently proclaims the light and love of God faithfully and respectfully in the church and world.

The Forward Movement, publisher of our Day by Day meditation booklets and host of the annual Lent Madness program, has recently published a program titled Transforming Questions. The program's goal is to “help build community among those who are seekers and those who are longtime members, both old and young, and those who are questioning for the first time or the thousandth time.”

You are invited to gather for worship and study on Sunday mornings at Christ Church Episcopal, and/or participate in the program though our forum.

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