BGJHS Technology Resources

This website provides various websites and tools for different content areas and general tech tools. Use the navigation bar on the top left to find your content area or general technology/presentation tools. If you need something more specific, use the Google Form below to submit a request.

Need something fixed? Take a look here

  1. Email your issue to
  2. Provide your name, room number and service tag of device in the Subject line of the email
  3. In the body of the email, include as much detail about the situation as possible. It is a great idea to add screenshots and photos.
  4. All of our district technicians and each school technology specialist (STS) receive the email. Omar Moncayo, the Computer Systems Analyst, will facilitate any necessary tasks.

We strive to create a technology environment that minimizes downtime for your classroom and workplace. Unfortunately, problems do arise, but rest assure we want to FIX all your problems. Thank you for all you do for students!