Bexley Multilingual Community

This website was created in the hopes of connecting our Bexley multilingual community along with bringing awareness to our ESL program and English Learners. Multilingualism is an asset, and we hope to celebrate our students' diverse languages while providing new opportunities to strengthen their English.

Who we are: Bexley's ESL program is part of the district's Student Services and Accessibility. Barb Gentille Green is director of Student Services and Accessibility. Nate Maier (K-5, program coordination) and Alison Nakasako (6-12) provide direct services to English Learners (ELs).

Mrs. Nakasako & Mr. Maier

Mission: provide support and services to multilingual students and families which address their academic, social-emotional, and English learning needs.


Inside the classroom

    • value and promote diverse language backgrounds as assets

    • provide academic support to our ELs

    • provide reading, writing, listening, and speaking instruction to ELs allowing them to attain proficiency

    • support classroom teachers in making content accessible to ELs

Outside the classroom

  • give voice to our multilingual community

  • foster a strong sense of belonging and involvement for parents and community members

Contact us: (K-5) (6-12)