Kit and Equipment

For the expedition, young people will need to ensure they are fully equipped and prepared. The school training sessions will provide young people with the skills they need but they will also be required to bring the correct kit and equipment.

The equipment required for a DofE expedition varies according to the expected weather conditions, the terrain, and the length of the expedition. As a general guide, the official DofE Kit List gives a good indication of the kit required. This can be found below and is also in the 'Forms and Docs' section of this website.

Cost Vs Quality

Outdoor equipment can be expensive but you don't need top of the range gear to undertake a DofE expedition. Having said that you get what you pay for. You need to make a decision about the quality of the gear you want to purchase. A good rule of thumb is to spend a bit more on essential items like boots, waterproofs and your rucksack. These are the items that will have the greatest impact on your enjoyment of any outdoor expedition.

Kit Hire

The school has a rudimentary kit store containing equipment for hire. The cost of hiring equipment is included in the registration fee for the award so there is nothing to pay (except a refundable deposit). Equipment available for hire includes; tents, cooking stoves, compasses, maps, first aid kits and storm shelters. If you want to hire equipment, you need to complete a kit hire request form (found in the 'Forms and Docs' section of this website) and return it to Mr Bibbington. Please note, kit is hired subject to availability and is issued on a first come, first served basis. Returning hire forms early is advised.

Expedition_Kit_List Apr 2018.pdf

If you have any questions regarding equipment, you should contact Mr Bibbington in the first instance.