Reference Price List

Reference Price List

Below you see two lists of reference prices. Feel free to suggest additions or changes to these lists. ᕫ1 should relate to about ₦360.

It is important to see these prices as common practice prices in the Sub-Saharan Africa urban regions (unless it is specifically stated that it concerns a rural product). These prices should be in a way that you don't feel a big surprise when you see them, bit consider them as to be "Normal". It is obviously up to the people themselves how (at what price) they want to sell or buy someting. It is also very obvious that the circumstances of a certain location will influence the price of a product at that location substantially.


ᕫ2/hour - Minimum Wage (Adult)

ᕫ5 - Haircut male

ᕫ7 - Haircut female

ᕫ15 - Haircut female + extensions

ᕫ15 - Doctor Consult (15 minutes at location doctor)

ᕫ30 - Doctor Consult (15 minutes at home)

ᕫ1 - Keke trip (20 minutes / 10km)

ᕫ1 - Local Taxi trip (10 minutes / 5km)



ᕫ1 - 2 Litres of Diesel

ᕫ1 - 8 Plastic Bottles of 0.5l Drinking Water

ᕫ1 - 12 Eggs Packaged in Cardboard Box

ᕫ1 - 8 kg of Cement

ᕫ1 - 0.025 gram of Gold

ᕫ1 - 0.07 gram of Silver

ᕫ1 - 20 Oranges (small - Rural Area)

ᕫ1 - 5 Mangos (medium - Rural Area)

ᕫ2 - Plucked and cleaned medium Chicken

ᕫ100 - 500GB SSD Solid State Disk Drive