Voting 2.0: Full Decentralized Voting

Politicians don't want to change the voting system and don't want to leave the concept of a Nation State. Even politicians with good intentions like to keep things (regarding the voting system) the way they are, because a politician wants the personal opportunity to get into office and to change society and/or grab the personal advantages that come along. Currently, most of the voters are fed up with the traditional democratic processes, because they feel their voice is not heard and is often just abused by another lying politician that uses cryptic language to explain why he did the opposite of what he has promised. Because of this feeling of voters that they are excluded from any policy making, various countries have introduced the possibility to organize referendums. But again, these referendums are very expensive and are often just informative and often bear no legal consequences. In fact these referendums are used by the public to show their anger about the poor achievements of their politicians. The Brexit referendum was more a vote against the rulers of the Nation State than voting on a well conceptualized plan. The conclusion that can be taken from this, is that voters are fed up with politicians and want a much more direct influence on the way tax money is spent. With the blockchain technology this is now possible.

"Shopping list; Projects and Institutes for Common Benefit"

The VAT that is collected by the UBI-Wallet cryptocurrency, fully finances the UBI plus creates money for "voted projects". "Voted projects" are projects like "the Lagos Police", "Abuja Kaduna Railway" or "Accra Airport". Voted institutes are specific local schools, hospitals and prisons etcetera. On your phone you install a sort of "shopping list" of these projects and institutes and add percentages to them. You can do this whenever you want: each day, once a year or you can even delegate this list to someone you trust. You can also retrieve this list filled out from your political organization that you trust. With these voted budgets, people can decide directly how the remaining VAT (after the UBI is paid) is distributed. This system allows people to decide much more direct how tax money is spent, without having politicians in between, that take those decisions. This method will put and end to almost all corruption.

​This way of voting in budgets, is much more transparent and democratic than working with delegates and hoping these politicians will do what they had promised. Implementing new laws or making changes to existing laws can all be voted in directly. In several "Projects and Institutes for Common Benefit", there need to be councils of specialist (like a supreme court or medical supervision board) that need to be voted in on other ways. For example members of a supreme court should be voted in by other judges or a medical supervision board by other surgeons because these specialists can determine better who is capable of ruling the problematic situations that will be handled by these supervision boards.


For example: When 200 Million UBI-wallet holders generate a total of ᕫ10,000,000 of tax on one day (after UBI is paid for), each user can decide how his part is distributed. His share of that day is (ᕫ10,000,000 / 200,000,000 = ) ᕫ0.05. This ᕫ0.05 is spent over the various institutes and projects this specific UBI-Wallet holder has indicated in his "Shopping-list" of Common Benefit Projects and Institutes. So even if he would have paid ᕫ25 of VAT that day, only ᕫ0.05 is determined by this person.

This is democratic because otherwise the votes of rich people (that pay a lot of VAT) would count stronger than the votes of the poor, which would be undemocratic (In current democracies the vote of someone that pays a lot of tax, also doesn't weigh more than a vote of a person that lives on a unemployment benefit arrangement). The payment of tax income to the "Projects and Institutes for Common Benefit" will be an automated process where the UBI-wallet holder can change his voting list on any moment he desires.


TOPIC #0013: Once a Day VAT Collection and UBI+Voted Payments - Because the tax is automated. processing is every day seems best.

TOPIC #0014: Create a New Voted Project or Institute - How new Projects or Institutes for Common Benefit are created so they can be voted for.

TOPIC #0058: Voting UBI Threshold - The ᕫ1 per adult per day / ᕫ0.5 per child per day can be voted higher.

TOPIC #0059: Voting VAT Threshold - The 5% VAT can be voted higher.