A New Basis For A Global World Order

The situation around the impotence of the International Court of Justice and the International Criminal Court also shows why Nation States will demise. Nation States are in many cases actually no real representations of the people of those nations. Because of fake news, control of media and plain breaches of democratic systems, the people that represent many nations often have their personal agenda and don't care much about the legal boundaries they have, especially when you are able to duck the rules of the international community anyway. And once a superpower can reject the jurisdiction of the only court that should represent all nations in the world, why would any other nation respect such a court? It is not strange that the ICC has been accused of bias and as being a tool of western imperialism, only punishing leaders from small, weak states while ignoring crimes committed by richer and more powerful states. This sentiment has been expressed particularly by African leaders due to an alleged disproportionate focus of the Court on Africa, while it claims to have a global mandate; until January 2016, all nine situations which the ICC had been investigating were in African countries.

It seems fair to say that the idea of unifying Nation States in an organization like the United Nations - after World War II - was the best way to pursue global peace. For a while it looked like the UN could act as the global police. Now - almost 75 years later - the United Nations are infamously linked to the word "Veto". The one remaining superpower - the US - doesn't accept the international court's jurisdiction when it would look into the war crimes of the US. The idea of uniting Nation States has failed and will never succeed, especially now Nation States are disintegrating themselves. Another global legal system should be put into place.

Creating a new Global Court

In a global world, the word "International" must be discarded because Nation States should have no political nor legal power in such a new world order. The best way to reboot the legal system is to install the "Global Court" and let this court work out a set of brand new laws. Any notion of nations, national tax or national rules must be discarded. This work can be financed from the tax component in the CUBIVAT system. The global legal system should be based on the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. The UDHR however should also be 'cleaned' for references to Nation States. This is done on our page "Global Declaration of Human Rights". Once this legal system is in place, people that use the UBI-Wallet are obligated to accept the entire Global Court legal system, because they will use their CUBIVAT identity to vote on the budgets of the court, and also vote on the aboption of new or changed global laws of the court.

To change one of the Human rights from the "Global Declaration of Human Rights" a majority bigger than 90% is needed. To change any of the derived laws or add laws to it, a majority bigger than 2/3 is required. Law proposals or changes can only proposed by the global court and when at least 1/3rd of the judges of the Global Court agree. But before the Global Court is operational, without any delay, any laws can be put into place: laws against pollution (CO₂), laws regarding Humanitarian Aid for areas that are struck by disasters and laws to protect nature in general. Also financial laws against loan-sharking, extortion and stealing must be included, and many more.

​Once the Global Court is operational, the next step is to create a global police force. In a global society there is no need for any army, because there will be no Nation States anymore. The word "Army" should be left alone until there would be a moment where the world needs to fight aliens. A situation which is not likely to happen soon. In practice, many soldiers and police officers would have to be retrained to become global police officers. With a UBI-system in place and traceable cryptocurrencies, there would be much less incentives for police officers to be corrupt. When Nation States disappear, there are also much less possibilities for criminals to hide. Think about all the issues regarding the extradition of criminals, there would be no such issues anymore. Every crime will be sentenced equally everywhere, which would be a huge step forward to make the world more just, safer and peaceful.

​Once the systems for the UBI-Wallet are ready to go, it is important that the foundations of the Global Court are created so this Global Court is also ready to be started.

​To create these foundations, it is important to use the Global Declaration of Human Rights and see how that can be used best to create a proper Global Court system and create the statues of this Global Court.


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