Development Areas


Establish and maintain your global identity yourself

By establishing their identities on the Blockchain (a new secure encrypted and huge decentralized database that is also used for Bitcoin) people can prove their identity digitally - without having to use their passport or ID-card.

This digital identity-proof can change voting in a way that was never possible before. People can vote every day an every topic thinkable. And with this digital identity, a new form of cryptocurrency can be created with integrated tax collection and Universal Basic Income payment.

The digital Identity will eliminate the need for politicians and it will eliminate the need for governments and their Nation States because you are able to prove your identity yourself.

This technology is the last possibility to bring governing power back to where it belongs: in the hands of the people.​



With Automated VAT and UBI Transfers

The "Petrodollar" and fractional banking will end soon.

Cryptocurrency will take over. No cryptocurrency however has solved the tax problem. Tax is necessary to pay Universal Basic Income (UBI) and "Projects and Institutes of Common Benefit". UBI-Wallet automates tax (VAT) and the daily UBI payments.

​VAT is collected automatically at every payment, but the global level of VAT is decided by the people themselves by direct voting. Every day the VAT level can be set higher or lower.

The tax is used to pay every person the UBI-threshold which is an equivalent of $1 per adult per day and $0,5 per child per day. The remaining tax is spent on "Projects and Institutes of Common Benefit", like the police, prisons, the court, roads, harbours, schools, teachers and hospitals. Tax is spent according to "Shopping-lists" of voters that can be changed daily.

There are no politicians that can decide how to spent tax money in the UBI-Wallet ecosystem.



Direct & Daily for Projects and Institutes for Common Benefit

By establishing your digital identity, you are enabled to vote using your smartphone. This means you can vote daily or - when you automate your smartphone - even thousands of times per day.

​But you won't be voting on politicians. Instead you have a "Shopping-list" of "Projects and Institutes of Common Benefit" that you care for. Every day the voting system checks your list and transfers "your part" of the collected tax money directly to the projects and institutes you indicated with the percentages you indicated.

​This means that there are no politician to use your tax money for anything else than you want. There are however some people that you can vote for. The managers of "Projects and Institutes of Common Benefit" can be voted in, as well as the budgets they propose. And - if you are for example a medical doctor, you can vote with your colleagues for the people on a Medical Supervisory Board. Probably you will also vote for the president of your former Nation State (based on your GPS data). But this will be a cultural representative, with no influence over your tax money.

​You are also able to vote for the global VAT-level, the global UBI-threshold, the maximum interest rate of rent-to-buy contracts and many other factors that influence your life but were always decided by people you didn't really control.

​This form of decentralised, direct voting, is the only way a real democratic global society can work without corruption.



Direct & Daily for Projects and Institutes for Common Benefit

Once the systems are ready to go, it is important that the foundations of the Global Court are created so this Global Court is also ready to be started.

To create these foundations, it is important to review the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and see how those can be used best to create a proper Global Court system and create the statues of this Global Court.

Here a list of topics the Global Court will look at initially:

  • Global Declaration of Human Rights / Statues
  • Death Penalty Abolished
  • Excavation And Other Mining Benefits
  • Inheritance And Legacies
  • Right to Work? / UBI-Wallet Developers Salaries / Court Salaries
  • Gifts
  • Human Trafficking
  • Drugs
  • Monopolies
  • Settlement Versus Wild Parks
  • Philosophy (Costs Versus Human Lives / AI Versus Human Lives)
  • Arbitrages (Medical Court / Engineering Court)
  • Losing Privacy Rights (Money-Trail, Losing Your Private-Key)
  • Medical Patents
  • Building Codes
  • Freedom Of Speech / Anti Fake News System
  • Gun Possession