TOPIC #0031


TOPIC #0031: Gun-Possession

Every person that wants to hold a gun, is required to get a basic global police status. This means that everybody with a gun is a level-1 police officer at the moment he carries that gun outside his home or even when he uses the gun inside his house. Punishment of abusing this gun will be very high. There are several rules when you are carrying a gun. You need to wear a police jacket, you need to have a GoPro running and you need to have your tracker with you and switched on. Anybody that not meets that criteria is illegally carrying a gun and faces serious jail-time. Your jacket and GoPro needs to be switched on when you unlock your gun from the gun-vault in your home and you can only take of your jacket and switch of the GoPro once the gun and the bullets are inside the vault. The vault has a internet connection so the global police (with highest clearance) knows where this gun is at all times. Knives, axes, explosives and other weapons will have the same status once they are carried outside a home or a private car.

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