TOPIC #0030

Freedom of Speech

TOPIC #0030: Freedom Of Speech

The most important Human Right there probably is, is granting people freedom of speech. This includes hate-speech. Only people that use their freedom of speech to call for violence, will need to be prosecuted and punished by the Global Court. Any other speech should be protected as strongly as possible by the global community. This means that all legislation - regarding insulting royals, public officials, racial and other human features, religious people, gods and religions - should be eradicated and considered null and void. This means no blasphemy laws will be part of a global laws. People that insult other people should be allowed to be ridiculed themselves and people that are offended by insults should also be allowed to be ridiculed. The global law will protect people that insult others. To be clear, just ridiculing or just expressing to hate someone, some group or some deity is quite different from speech that calls for violence. Extremists often can't see this difference because they weren't taught how to see it.

Be aware that "the most stringent protection of free speech would not protect a man that falsely shouts 'fire' in a theater and causes a panic". Hate speech however must be protected because it is safer to entrust people with access to ideas than to entrust the court with the power to decide which ideas we may express or hear. The cure for bad ideas - legal censorship - is worse than the disease itself.

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