TOPIC #0027

Losing Privacy Rights

TOPIC #0027: Losing Privacy Rights

People that are under investigation, may lose their privacy rights. this means that when the Global Court decides so, a special group of the Global Police will obtain the private key of the regarding person, which will allow them to access the blockchain data of the regarding person. This legal situation is not very different from the situation now. The biggest difference is that it is very likely that - especially the NSA in America already breaches all rules regarding privacy. With no Nations, there will be no Nation States that cover for these kind of breaches.

It is of course still possible that people add an extra layer of encryption on their data, which will make it difficult for this special group of the Global Police to access the data, even when they can use the private key. It would give them however information about the tracker on the UBI-Wallet phone (see Topic #0004 Tracking).

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