TOPIC #0025

Value of Life

TOPIC #0025: Value of Life

With AI, computers will drive cars that can get them in situations where software will need to decide in life costing situations (do I need to crash against a bus or hit a person on a bike). There will also be situations where the price of certain medicine can become so expensive that it is not possible to insure and people will die. And we can imagine issues with drugs, diseases and other situations where decisions about life and death need to be taken. Philosophy has proven to provide the best - and scientifically sound - methods to explain how to act in these situations. In a global society it is best to use the well researched, scientific sound methods - as basis for these issues. When people - because their believes or other reasons - want their life to be treated differently, they should clearly express this. It is however clear that - when a person doesn't make his personal wishes (about his own life) clear, the philosophical most sound approach must be used.

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