TOPIC #0015

Derive Laws from UDHR

TOPIC #0015: Derive Laws from UDHR

It seems sensible to take the "Universal Declaration of Human Rights" and transfer it into the "Global Declaration of Human Rights" by removing all references to Nation States, the UN and change topics based on UBI-Wallet technologies (like cryptocurrency, Blockchain bases self-sovereign identities, decentralized digital voting on Projects and Intitutes for Common Benefit, free movement without borders and a single Global Court). This "Global Declaration of Human Rights" should be the basis for the Statutes of the Global Society, that we can name "The Global Constitution". Because there is no need for politicians in a global decentralised budget-voting system, the constitution becomes much smaller and clearer. On this Open-Source platform we can create this constitution, so it is ready once the UBI-Wallets become operational. A person that wants to use the UBI-Wallet is required to specifically agree to the Constitution of the Global Society before he can use the UBI-Wallet. This way we make sure that the legal system is binding for the global Society.

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