TOPIC #0011

Start in Nigeria

TOPIC #0011: Start in Nigeria

The most important factors that make Sub-Saharan Africa very interesting as a breeding ground for the new global society:

  • Extreme population growth
  • Fast developing manufacturing industry
  • Extreme income inequality / poverty gap
  • Extreme high solar influx
  • Wealthy on Natural Resources and fertile land
  • Extreme poor electricity grid
  • Extreme poor state of housing quality
  • Extreme poor infrastructure (roads)
  • Extreme poor Fiat currency (Naira ₦; $-value in 1972 was 550 times the 2018 $-value)
  • Extreme complex voting system because the size of the countries and poor infrastructure
  • History of extreme colonization
  • Extreme poor education system
  • Extreme poor healthcare system
  • Extreme issues with (youth)unemployment
  • Extreme poor privacy protection
  • Extreme ethnic differences
  • Extreme poor tax collection
  • Extreme issues with corruption
  • Not very strong Nationalism
  • Not very strong Nation States
  • Extreme issues with insecurity (Boko Haram)

To improve the extreme poor situations from this list, much more tax must be collected so UBI can be installed. The creation of a smart cryptocurrency with a VAT and UBI component, is the only solution that could achieve this. The list clearly shows that there are not many reasons not to try to be part of the new foundation of a global society.

The best reasons to implement UBI in this region, is that it will provide proper quality rental houses that are really affordable for ALL Sub-Saharan Africans (which is the #1 priority of any political party in this region), that it provides a proper educational system, proper infrastructure, proper healthcare and a proper contribution to reducing global warming. With this social security floor, the breeding ground for insurgents like Boko Haram will also disappear and proper education will enable people from different ethnic and religious backgrounds to learn better to coexist in a civilized manner.

Because all these factors are properly aligned in this region and Nigeria is in the center of all this and Nigeria currently is Africa's most important economy, it is probably best to use Nigeria as the center breeding ground for this globalizing cryptocurrency solution. This enormous large continent, which has the most natural resources and holds vast fertile land, which is the continent where human life started, is currently considered as the poorest continent in the world. It is quite ironic that this will probably completely change in our lifetime. Provided the globalization project succeeds, Africa has a fair chance to become the most wealthy continent in the world. Becsause of this all, it seems sensible to release this CUBIVAT cryptocurrency unofficially in Nigeria.

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