TOPIC #0008

Tracking UBI-Wallet Payments

TOPIC #0008: Tracking UBI-Wallet Payments

The UBI-Wallet generates public books for all companies. With the public books all payments can be tracked. The clients however are only visible for the Global Court. So only when a company is suspected of any criminal activities, the client-list can be reviewed by a special committee of the Global Court. Also all objects with a value of over ᕫ1,000 are stored in a public archive. Once a product is in this archive it will stay there forever, when it is destroyed it will be marked as destroyed. This way everybody will be able to check if someone really is the owner of a certain object. Private UBI-Wallets are private, but if a person is under investigation he may be forced to open his books to the special court (and only for their eyes). A person can be held in prison until he opens his Wallet (in fact he is forced to give his private key to the global court, that subsequently can see all transactions).

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