TOPIC #0006

Confiscate Private Key

TOPIC #0006: Confiscate Private Key

When you establish your digital identity and obtain your private key, the biometric data you privide is sent encypted to the Global Court along with your name. People are free to decide if the Global Court receives a copy of their private key. In special cases (where you have become a suspect of a severe crime) the Global Court can use your private key to conduct a proper investigation. For people that have public positions (directors of projects and institutes for common benefit) it should be required that they provide their public keys to the Global Court. Also directors of large companies could be forced giving copies of their public keys to the Global Court. This could be achieved by making public lists of CEO's and other Executive Officers that didn't entrusted their private keys to the Global Court. Consumers can than choose if they want to buy the products of companies with Executive Officers that clearly have something to hide.

Because people always have the possibility to add encryption to their communication, the private key will at least give acccess to the payments of the persons UBI-Wallet, which could give some insight in the person's activities.

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