TOPIC #0002

Natural Persons

TOPIC #0002: Natural Persons

Natural persons need to establish their digital identity and enter their "PGDD". For most people this can be done quite easy, but for several people (very young, very old or mentally disabled people) this can be a problem. Those people need a guardian to take that role. For a guardian it will also not be very complicated to establish and maintain the identity of for example a newly born child. For a guardian it is important that the coins that the guarded person collects (with his UBI) are handled with care.

​What happens when you enter your verification data and changes it after a few weeks? First you have to enter your identity by using references to social media systems like LinkedIn or Facebook. But if you are new, this could be a problem. When you just received your first smartphone and install apps, this becomes an issue, because you can just do the same routine, with a different name over a few weeks later. So your identity level is ranked very low, when you have a short history. In those cases it is important to have proper pictures of yourself, plus fingerprint data plus perhaps verified DNA. Verification of other people of these identification means will add to your verification level. Especially when the people that verify your identity, have proper identification levels, this will help your credibility.

Once the verification level of a person is established, other persons or the UBI-Software or other software that can use the identity data will try to access (part) of the data.

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