TOPIC #0001

Personal Globalization Dedication Declaration

TOPIC #0001 - Personal Globalization Dedication Declaration

Anybody that enters the UBI-Wallet Ecosystem need to establish his digital identity and digitally declare to be personally dedicated to the UBI-Globalization movement and obey the Globalization Statues (GS) of the Global Court (GC). This digital "Personal Globalization Dedication Declaration (PGDD)" has no legal implications, because the UBI-Wallet Ecosystem will be initially set up as a game. A game where people can trade goods for coins and later coins for goods. The coins are similar to digital IOU-notes. And also a game where a virtual VAT is collected and distributed as UBI over the wallet holders. A game where people can start a business to trade goods for coins. But also a game where people need to obey to the rules of the game. For example: trading one chicken against a certain number of bottles of water without using the UBI-Wallet for payment is not permitted, because it will reduce the UBI of every person in the system. Instances of such direct trade can be reported and fined, but all within "the game" and only by using the UBI-coins. Once the game is big enough that a majority of people is using it, they can tell their government that they propose to leave the sovereign power of their Nation State and will turn "the game" in a "real life operation". From that moment the Nation State only exists as a line on a map.

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