How To Make Every Living Person Financially Independent

The "Petrodollar" and fractional banking will end. Cryptocurrency will take over.

No cryptocurrency however has solved the tax problem.

Tax is necessary for social security and "Projects and Institutes for Common Benefit".

UBI-Wallet enables tax (VAT) and provides Universal Basic Income (UBI)

To create a new transparent & open decentralized global society




The Thinking Steps

Public Debt is unsustainable around the world. It puts the masses in poverty and is caused by Fiat-money and its fractional banking system. It will crash once people see how the debt in the budget of their Nation State keeps increasing and worsens their situation. See our 'Public Debt' page why this is unsustainable and will crash.

In the future Universal Basic Income (UBI) MUST be installed because robots and Artificial Intelligence (AI) will take most of the jobs. UBI will never be implemented in Nation States, because to be able to do this, Nation States will have to fully close their borders. Another problem is that most governments can't collect enough tax for UBI, mainly because of their public debt.

Around the world, but especially in Africa, billions of people have no identities, no access to financial or social services. These people have little to lose when they abandon their government, obtain a decentralized global digital identity on the blockchain, abandon all fiat currencies and transfer fully to a cryptocurrency based economy. A cryptocurrency with a proper UBI system that is financed by automated VAT collection of the cryptocurrency.

With their digital identities, people are capable to vote digitally, which means that they can vote several times a day, fully automated, themselves or through delegates. In combination with a smart cryptocurrency - people can "vote" their part of tax money (that isn't used for UBI) directly to "Projects and Institutes for Common Benefit". This will make politicians and governments become void and make Nation States disappear. This is a situation that is hard to imagine, but is quite realistic and will likely start in Africa. Instead of seeing the disruptive future changes as a problem, they can also be seen as a massive opportunity to bring the power back to the people and provide social security to everyone and eradicate extreme poverty once and for all. That is what UBI-Wallet intends to do.


It is estimated that the top 1000 bitcoin addresses own approximately 35% of the total bitcoin in circulation. There are also thousands of individuals who hold large stashes of bitcoin but have chosen to remain anonymous. Less than 1% of Crypto Wallets hold 87% of all Bitcoins. There are about 32 Million Bitcoin wallets. This means that less than 0,04% x 1% = 0,0004% or less than 320,000 people hold 87% of the Bitcoin wealth. The wealth inequality in Bitcoin therefore is much worse than the wealth inequality in Fiat currencies. This is the reason that Bitcoin will not be able to become a global reserve currency when the global reserve Fiat currency (the US$) would crash and evaporate in hyperinflation.


All central banks in the world are owned by about 10 extreme wealthy families of which many originate from Israël. These families own and control the FED. The only countries without a central bank are Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Cuba, North Korea, Sudan, and Iran. Also Venezuela has created their 'Petro' cryptocurrency to go around their central bank that is also controlled by the Rothschilds. The US wants to bring 'democracy' in all of these 8 countries obviously also to be able to create central banks there to get a stronger position for the dollar in the world. The US dollar is also depending heavily on Saudi Arabia because of the 1971 Petro-dollar deal with the Saudis that basically forces Saudi Arabia to buy US weapons. And the Saudis hate the people in Jemen. Israël hates Arabs especially in Iran and Syria. Because Israël needs to save the dollar from collapsing and controls the FED, and the FED controls the US, the US had, has and will have no choice than to seek war with.... all the countries above. All wars are bankers wars. The end of the Petro-dollar and other Fiat Money will likely help to reduce tensions in these areas.

Help us Create the New World Order

On this website we will jointly - with your help - try to describe the structure that must be created to enable this new world order. This structure must be very well designed so this new world order can be established in an efficient, honest, inclusive and peaceful way. On the Development Areas page, and on the Identity, Cryptocurrency, Voting and Justice pages you will find all topics we want to discuss with you. We also want to ask you to bring new Topics to our attention that we might have missed. Your help will be well appreciated!

Income Inequality? What about Wealth Inequality?

Suppose you and your friends own the vast majority of a very large number of commercial banks, of course through foundations and companies that mask who you and your friends are. Subsequently, these (your) commercial banks hold the majority of shares of all central banks in the world, that obviously can not be forced to make their shareholders known. If you are in that position, you can print endless money, multiply it 10x by fractional banking and lend it to all governments, companies and individuals at an interest rate. That is a very easy way to make money. You call your Quantitative Easing "an economic boom" and propagates that it is important to eventually use Quantitative tightening (raise interest rates, stop granting loans and retract printed money) to manage inflation. This situation you call "an economic recession". In the recession, you and your friends automatically become the owner of the collateral of bankrupt companies and homeowners and take control of the companies that are struggling to pay off their debts. The great thing is that you are the only one who knows exactly in advance which direction the economy is going and how the people, companies and governments you financed, are doing. In order to stop the recession, you start lowering interest rates and provide loans again. You call this process "the business or economic cycle" and teaches that these cycles are natural economic movements. Movements for which governments and citizens are responsible with their wars, Brexit, trade politics and tax morality. In addition, you let everyone know that the purpose of the central banks is precisely the prevention of recessions. The proof that you and your friends have been doing this for years is simple: Why is none of the Rothschild family in the lists of billionaires? The 2208 by Forbes known billionaires together are worth $ 9.1 trillion, and none of these billionaires are rich because they are creditor of the global debt of $ 250 trillion. Where are the creditors of this debt? Income equality is already very uneven. But, the distribution of ownership - including collateral - is even more unequal. It is disgusting. UBI-Wallet is probably the only way out of this situation.

See this 1996 documentary about how a group of 7 private people could position themselves to take control of all the Central Banks and impoverish the world.

The Creature From Jekyll Island (by G. Edward Griffin), Published on 28 Jan 2010 about the creation of the US Federal Reserve.

When a global recession hits, large groups of people will want to see if there is a good alternative for Fiat money. See here why a global crisis is probably near.

How the Fed has lost the tools to prevent a global recession.

The Stock-markets and the real economy are disconnected. Quantitative Easing (QE) is not entering the real economy. See more in this informative and disturbing video from (March 01, 2018).

Look at 16:20 when they talk about cryptocurrency to be the only way to protect free speech!

The reason the stock markets didn't collapse yet: The management of large companies can use recent tax cuts to get further into debt and use that debt to purchase their own stocks, often held by the management and increasing the bonuses of the same management.

When capitalism starts breaking down, fascism and nationalism is likely to grow and take over. Here's why and why we shouldn't want to go there.

Why going after the 11 families that founded Israel and control all central banks can not be framed as antisemitic.

see our book

>> IRONIC << How Africa could become the most wealthy continent overnight while the west tries to hold on to their fading history

Teun van Sambeek MSc, MRE • ebook • epub (published 06-2018)

The world is facing 10 major disruptions:| Population Growth | AI and Robotization | Poverty Gap | Global Warming | Cryptocurrency and the Blockchain | Religion and the Position of Women | Fake News | Privacy | Populism and Nationalism | The Demise of the Nation States |

These disruptions have created a perfect breeding ground in Sub-Saharan Africa and especially in Nigeria for a new type of cryptocurrency. This smart cryptocurrency will combine VAT and UBI and will provide people with unconditional income and self manageable personal identities that will allow them to travel freely. It will also allow them to vote on special "Projects and Institutes for Common Benefit" that will fully replace their government and that will reduce their Nation State to a line on a map that is only used for cultural and sport events. This smart cryptocurrency will enable every African to buy or rent a proper house and will probably make these people wealthier than people from the west and east within 20 years.

Teun van Sambeek MSc, MRE has created a path to a new world order, without politicians, without governments and with the most direct democracy possible. He wants to plant this idea in your mind and challenges you to provide a better path to a just world. If you are challenged by this, or you just want to be comforted that there is still hope for a better world, this book is for you!