NYS Science Education Consortium

Transition Resources for the Implementation of the NYS P-12SLS

NYS Science Education Consortium

The New York State Science Consortium is a collaboration of representatives from New York State Science Professional Organizations that work closely with the New York State Education Department to discuss the teaching and learning of Science to students in the state.

A mission of the Consortium is to review the progress made in each of five critical components (not Standards) of the Strategic Plan for Science and offer recommendations to sustain and/or accelerate progress within each component. The phases and content within the Comprehensive Implementation Plan and other documentation would guide and facilitate the reviews. Recommendations would include actions that the Consortium and/or its affiliated organizations could feasibly take to help address specific issues, concerns, and conditions that imperil the progress needed to ensure successful implementation of the Strategic Plan. By analyzing the progress made in the five critical components of the Strategic Plan and in making recommendations for improvement, a more comprehensive picture of how well the Strategic and Implementation Plans are working would also emerge. A goal of the Consortium is to collaborate with relevant stakeholder groups to raise awareness and build capacity for the new NYS P-12 Science Learning Standards across the state.

State Guidance

In a NYSED release in the spring of 2017 they outline the science activities that will take place in the 2017-2018 School Year:

  • Raise Awareness, Build Capacity of new NYS P-12 Science Learning Standards

  • Collaborate with relevant stakeholder groups to build awareness of the new NYS P-12 Science Learning Standards across the state

  • Develop and propose assessment frameworks for State assessments in science

Participating science organizations are:

      • Science Teachers Association of New York State STANYS

      • Science Council of New York City SCONYC

      • Long Island Stem Education Leadership Association LISTEMELA

      • Rochester Area Science Education Leadership Team

      • Capital Area Science Supervisors Association CASSA

      • BOCES Science Representatives Network

Suggestions for Navigating this Website

It is recommended teachers that have minimal experience with the new New York State Science Learning Standards begin on the "What do I need to know?" tab. Start at the top of the page and view all the links that are associated with innovations in philosophy and content. Once you have completed viewing the materials on this tab, we recommend you reflect on the materials, collaborate with other colleagues, and begin to think about how you can apply three dimensional learning in your classroom. Last, we recommend you view resources on the "Resources and Exemplar Lessons" tab.

White Paper on Effective Science Teaching - Summer 2020

Conditions Whitepaper (Final Edits).pdf
Effective Science Teaching Letter .docx
NYSSLS Rollout updated .docx

Timeline for NYS P-12 SLS Aligned Assessments (updated Spring 2020)

NYSED has released the official UPDATED timeline for assessments based on the new science standards (NYSSLS).

New assessments for grades 5 and 8 will NOT be in Spring 2023.

The proposed timeline is as follows:

2022 No 4th grade ELS

Last year of 1996 Intermediate Grade 8

New Assessments based on the NYSSLS

2023 New Grade 5

New Grade 8

2024 Regents Earth and Space Science

Regents Life Science: Biology

2025 Regents Physical Science: Chemistry

Regents Physical Science: Physics

Meaning these are now the earliest possible dates for new NYSSLS-aligned 3 dimensional assessments in science.

Teacher Certification Proposal Final.docx

White Paper

A School Science Assessment System White Paper.pdf
Cover Letter to Regents Assessment White Paper.docx
Letter to NYSED Staff re White Paper.docx

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