Measures Of Academic Performance (MAP)

The district administers the Measures of Academic Performance (MAP) in the Fall, Winter and Spring to all students in grades 1-11. MAP is a universal screener for literacy and mathematics. Students take MAP on a device (Ipad, Chromebook or laptop). The computer adjusts the difficulty of the questions so that each student takes a unique test. The difficulty of each question is based on how well the student has answered previous questions. The district and schools use the information to monitor curriculum and student achievement. Teacher's use the assessment to identify strengths and areas for growth, plan instruction and determine need for intervention (based on multiple data points, not just MAP). The district goal is to have students achieve at higher than the 61st percentile. Students are only reassessed in the Winter and Spring if needed.

Copy of 2017-2018 Fall-Winter-Spring READING NWEA
Copy of 2017-2018 Fall-Winter-Spring MATH NWEA Data
Copy of MATH-NWEA Spring to Spring Cohort Data.docx
Copy of Reading-NWEA Spring to Spring Cohort Data.docx
Session 1 2014-2016 FALL MATH NWEA Data