Bethel Public Schools District Assessments

NWEA -Grade 4-ELA.xlsx

In Bethel, we use a combination of standard and nonstandard measures to monitor our students’ learning. We believe that assessment for learning is an ongoing evolutionary process as we continually analyze assessment data to drive instruction with a goal of increasing student achievement for all learners. We assess what we value and strive to continually analyze our assessment practices to ensure we are gathering the critical information needed to guide instruction.

In this website, you will find:

  • Directions for Updating Assessments, Benchmarks and Ranges
  • Full District Assessment List by Content Areas
  • Updated List of Assessment Benchmarks and Ranges.
    • 2017-2018 Course Codes for 6-12 Courses (Must be updated each year)
  • Assessment Data Collection Folders
  • Assessment Data Collection Directions/Frequently Asked Questions
  • District Guidelines for Assessment Accommodations
  • NWEA Login and Norms Information
  • NWEA Growth Target Guidelines

Grade 5 ELA Spring 2014 Benchmarks with Subgroups

Collectable Items from Possum Lane
Licari Class Directory 2017-2018.xlsx
Collectable Items from Possum Lane