Bethel High School Health Program

The Health curriculum assists students in acquiring the knowledge and skills necessary to make informed decisions concerning their physical, mental, and emotional wellness. Current topics involving safety issues such as internet use, the new driving laws, violence, and bullying, have been incorporated into the Health curriculum to further improve the student’s awareness of the problem-solving skills they will use on a daily basis. The curriculum format allows for learning using class and group discussion, writing skills, reading for information, research, critical thinking, analysis, synthesis, and self-assessment. The Health curriculum can be previewed on the Bethel Homepage.

Health Education One Semester

Health Education 12 5-Day (907008) .4 Credit

Health Education 13 5-Day (907026) .4 Credit

Health Education 14 6-Day (907020) .5 Credit

Prerequisite: None

Open to: Grade 9

Course Description: This course is designed to help students establish and maintain a healthy and active lifestyle and avoid risk-taking activities that may cause intentional and/or unintentional injuries. The course content includes information from the four health strands: 1) Human Growth and Development, 2) Healthy and Active Lifestyles, 3) Substance Abuse, 4) Injury and Disease Prevention including HIV/AIDS. This course a required course for all students in grade 9 and is a graduation requirement. According to Board of Education Policy, a parent or guardian may request his/her son/daughter to be exempt from human sexuality or HIV/AIDS instruction by submitting a written request to the Principal. Alternate work will be provided in lieu of this unit.

Students taking a lab science should sign up for “5-day” Health; those taking a science without lab should sign up for “6-day” Health.

The main point of not harming anyone is to avoid doing any damage to that incredibly rare and precious vehicle that we ride in: our body."

Geshe Michel Roach.

Health Education is a required course for all 9th graders. It is a CT state mandated course, meaning that all students must pass Health in order to graduate high school.

The Essential Questions we will be addressing throughout the course are:

1. What do I need to know to stay healthy

2. How and where do I find information, products, and services?

3. What can I do to avoid or reduce health risks?

4. What influences my healthy behavior and decisions?

5. How can communication enhance my personal health?

6. How do I make good decisions to keep myself healthy?

7. How do I use the goal-setting process to improve my health?

8. What can I do to promote accurate health information and healthy behaviors?


1. Mental and Emotional Health

2. Alcohol and Other Drugs

3. Tobacco

4. Sexual Health

5. Personal Health and Wellness

6. Healthy Eating

7. Physical Activity