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Playgroup children

Playgroup children

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Playgroup children

Playgroup Annual day dance

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We are happy to announce that we are going to start a free online session for children age between 2 to 4 years.

Which includes so many exciting activities like-

#Phonics practice

#Art and craft

#Brain Games



#Some study-related activities

#Kids yoga


And many more......😊

👉 How PHONICS will help your child gain an advantage in reading and comprehension??

Phonics helps increase your child's reading fluency and decode words, an important skill that is essential to read unfamiliar words independently.

Topics covered during the phonics class

1: 42 letter sounds

2: diagraphs

3: blends

4: tricky words

5: vowels and consonants ( CVC words)

6: different between. Letter and alphabet

7: long phonics sound and short phonics sounds

8: the story of each letter

9: sight words


1. Revision of Capital and small letters

2. Letter based activities

3. Two letter words reading and writing

4. Two letters words based activities

5 .CVC words ( a,e i,o u ) reading

6. Writing of CVC words

7.Activities based on CVC words

8. Rhyming words

9. Reading sentence

10. Paragraphs


1. Blends

2. digraphs

3. Ck rule

4. Magical e concept

5. Soft c and g concept

6. R control words

7. Long vowel

8. Shy I tough y concept

9. Tricky words

10 basic Grammar

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