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Do you need to file bankruptcy in Florida? Many of our clients are shocked to discover just how fast debt relief can occur when you work with an expert.

Call our office now for a consultation (813) 990-7944. In certain situations (chapter 7 bankruptcy) we have zero down options. You do not have to face this financial situation alone.

Introducing Zero Down Bankruptcy

When people call our office to discuss their bankruptcy options, there is one huge question on their mind, "How much will it cost to file bankruptcy?"

This is a major concern because if you are calling a bankruptcy attorney for help, then it stands to reason that you may be experiencing a shortage of cash flow.

If I need to file bankruptcy, then how can I afford the court and attorney fees?

We are one of the firms in this state that have been able to offer our clients a "nothing down bankruptcy" option for certain clients who are filing under chapter 7 of the code.

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How Much Does Bankruptcy Cost

Our Tampa Bankruptcy Law Firm offers Chapter 7 bankruptcy and Chapter 13 Bankruptcy. This video discusses some of the costs involved.

If you file bankruptcy in Florida, we will have to discuss which option is best for you (Chapter 7, 13, or 11).

We can also talk about the debt relief you will experience, and how fast you will be able to recover from a bankruptcy (it's usually quicker than you think).

We are also know for foreclosure defense, help with student loan debt (if available), and our law firm blog talks about many related subjects like: medical debt, repossession, credit card debt, and other loan options.