Welcome to Canvas

We are so excited to be using Canvas throughout the District! We believe it's a great tool that will seamlessly welcome newly graduated teachers, who have used Canvas throughout their university years, as well as prepare our students who will need to be proficient in Canvas during their college years.

We are also excited for parents to be able to easily keep up to date with their students' work wherever they are.

The district has created a Canvas Account for each teacher in the district and automatically populated all their classes with their students in them. When you login to Canvas, you should see all your classes on your Dashboard. If you do not see them, please fill out THIS FORM

This site will mainly be used to house tutorials on different aspects of Canvas. If you see a need we have not addressed, please contact Heidi Wheatley or Aaron Crawford.

Canvas Login Information: Computer Login for both teachers and students


Fill out the FORM below:

  • If you, teacher, have created a BESD Canvas account BEFORE August 25, 2017). We will merge that account with your District-created Canvas account.
  • If you have students that need their accounts merged. (EX: they've created/used a Canvas Account anytime before August 25, 2017)

Fill out THIS FORM if you need accounts merged. Please be patient with the time it may take. We hope to get them merged within 24 hours at the latest. You will NOT be notified when merging is complete; just login periodically and look for the updated account.