SOme of our epson projector models

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EH-TW71004K PRO-UHD projector4K PRO-UHD home cinemaEasy set up and BluetoothHigh contrast ratioFrame interpolation
EH-LS500B4K PRO-UHD UST projector4K PRO-UHD home cinemaUltra-short throwLaser projectorEasy set up
EF-100BPortable laser projectorPortable and stylishLaser projectorEasy to use150 inch display
EH-TW74004K PRO-UHD projector14K PRO-UHD1 home cinema200,000:1 contrast ratioWide lens shiftMotorised optics
EH-TW56501080p home cinema projectorFull HD 3D home cinemaHigh brightness of 2,500 lumensLens shift, 1.6x zoom, horizontal and vertical keystone correction60,000:1 contrast ratio
EPSON MG-850HDiPod, iPhone and iPad projector720p HD-Ready projector2,800lm Colour Light Output2,800lm White Light Output
EB-W8DWXGA2500 lumens White Light Output2500 lumens Colour Light OutputMultimedia combo projector
EB-X03Bright LCD projectorXGA2,700 lumens Colour Light Output2,700 lumens White Light Output1.2x optical zoom
EB-965Bright LCD projectorXGA3,500 lumens Colour Light Output3,500 lumens White Light Output1.6x optical zoom
EPSON EB-W16SKBright, Passive 3D3,000lm Colour Light Output3,000lm White Light OutputTwin-stacked projector systemPassive 3D technology
EPSON EB-915WInstallation or desktop projectorWXGA installation projector3,200 lumens Colour Light Output3,200 lumens White Light Output
EB-W8DUser-friendly for educationWXGA2500 lumens White Light Output2500 lumens Colour Light OutputMultimedia combo projector
EB-1795FUltra-mobile business projectorFull HD 1080p3,200 lumensGesture PresenterUltra-mobile
EB-1771WUltra-mobile projector with WXGA resolutionWXGA with HDMI input3,000 lumens white and CLOEasyMP features
EB-1776WUltra-mobile projector for business presentationsKeystone Correction, Screen FitReal time auto keystone correction3,000 lumens white and CLOWXGA resolution, HDMI input
EB-536WIShort- throw projectorWXGA3,400 lumens Colour Light Output3,400 lumens White Light OutputDual pen interactivity
EB-530Short-throw projectorXGA3,200 lumens colour light output3,200 lumens white light output
EPSON EB-435WShort-throw WXGA projectorWXGA resolution3,000 lumens Colour Light Output3,000 lumens White Light Output
EB-696UIFull HD finger-touch projectorFullHD WUXGA resolutionQuality 3,800-lumen imageFinger-touch and dual penOptional wireless connectivity
EB-680Versatile teaching projectorXGA resolution3,500-lumen imageLong lamp lifeOptional wireless connectivity
EPSON EB-1400WIInteractive meeting room systemWXGA2,600 lumens Colour Light Output2,600 lumens White Light OutputInteractive all-in-one
EPSON EB-485WIHigh-quality interactive projectionsWXGA3,100 lumens CLO3,100 lumens WLOInteractive projector kit
EPSON EB-470Ultra-short-throw projectorUltra-short-throw2,600 lumens CLOMultimediaFast and easy installation
EPSON EB-455WI WITH EDUC LAMP WARRANTYInteractive ultra-short-throw2,500 lumens Colour Light Output2,500 lumens White Light OutputWXGA
EB-L1495UFlexible laser projectorLaser light source9,000 lumensWUXGA resolutionBlack housing
EB-L20000UCompact installation projector20,000-lumen brightnessWUXGA native resolutionCompact designEasy installation
EB-L615UWUXGA laser projectorWUXGA laser projector6,000-lumen brightnessHDBaseT connectivityFive-year, 12,000-hour warranty
EB-G7200WWXGA installation projectorWXGA resolution7,500 lumensWorks with optional lensesFlexible installation
LIGHTSCENE EV-100Digital lighting projectorWhite digital lighting projector2,000-lumen WXGALow visual noise
LIGHTSCENE EV-105Digital lighting projectorBlack digital lighting projector2,000-lumen WXGALow visual noise