Mrs. Keifer's Homework


  • Reading- Marking Period Reading Logs due at the end of the Marking Period. Most students are making great progress. Please remember: Students are responsible for reading 25 nights of the marking period. Please complete only one line on the log per night. Reading can take place on school nights or weekends, whichever works best for your family's schedule. Students also have a marking period Accelerated Reading Goal set for each Marking Period. Students should be reading both at home and at school to meet the goal set. The Marking Period Reading Log will be discontinued WHEN your child meets his or her AR Goal. (Click here to sign up for email alerts every time your student takes an AR Test) It is encouraged that students take one or two book tests per week (depending on reading level) to reach this 9 week goal.
  • Marking Period Reading Logs should be turned in to Mrs. Keifer each Friday for a check-in day. Progress should be taking place from one week to the next.

Study for Spelling and Vocab Tests.

  • McGraw Hill's Connect Ed suite is a great resource that provides extra practice with this week's Reading Skills. Click on the logo below to Sign-In to that site. Your child's login and password can be found on the inside cover of their Homework Agenda Book. Access this weeks story, as well as practice games and activities with the vocab and spelling words.
  • Study Island is a great online practice site that allows your child to explore and practice skills that align to the PA State and Common Core Standards. Click the icon below to sign-in.

Please keep the following PSSA Testing dates in mind when planning any appointments or trips for the Spring.


English Language Arts-April 20-24, 2020

Mathematics & Science & Make Up-April 27-May 8, 2019