SBR©Yann Fontana

Ascidians are cool creatures

Ascidians might remain largely unknown to the layman but they are ubiquitous pioneers of the marine environment. They are bag-like filter feeders that have an inlet and an outlet opening and specialized organs such as stomach, intestine and heart. They are omnipresent and can be found just like mussels and oysters on pontoons, chains and shackles at docks, sunken ships and wind farms, often in colonies but also solitarily. They attach themselves to almost any substrate up to tens of meters deep.

And they could offer a solution to the protein challenge

With a growing world population and living standard, the provision of sufficient proteins and fatty acids is one of the largest challenges of our generation. While traditional resources are running into their limits regarding the production of soy and fish meal, alternative sources of these nutritional components are becoming more attractive. Next to insects, macro algae, micro algae and other micro-organisms, ascidians represent a still unknown and therefore hardly exploited, but high potential sustainable nutrient source.