Library Check IN/Out form

  • When entering the library, please take the time to put your note in the basket and fill out the form on the computer next to the basket. You will then fill out the form when you leave the library. This will help to maintain records as to who is coming to the library and when during the school day.
  • Library Check In/Out Form

Library Regulations

  • Students are encouraged to use the library to study, complete homework, read or do research. They have access to the library before school, during lunch, and after school.
  • Students may come to the library during class with a library pass from the teacher.
  • Treat all students, staff and materials with respect while in the library.
  • Students may eat lunch in the library as long as they clean up after themselves. One warning will be given to each lunch and then the food privileges will be revoked for all students.
  • Students who remove library materials without checking them out properly will be considered stealing and dealt with by school administrative staff.

Library Passes

During class time, students must have a written pass when they come to the library. Teachers are asked to write all names on one library pass and sign it. Students must have a specific assignment or task to be worked on in the library and it should be clear to the student what the purpose of the visit is. The library maintains an academic environment and students who are not working responsibly will be asked to return to class.

Library Check-out Policy

  • Students can check out up to 5 books at a time
  • Books will be checked out to each student for a time frame of two weeks
  • After two weeks the books will be considered over due and fines will charged at a rate of $0.10 per day

Library Photocopier

The photocopier in the library is for teacher use with a code and for student use at the discretion of the Librarian. Excessive copies made by students will result in a $0.25 charge per copy.

Library Laminator

The laminator in the library is for school use by the teachers.