We are teachers working with teachers in a collegial environment built upon trust and collaboration.

We strive to develop a community that creates high-quality, engaging instruction for students in order to create an upcoming generation that will positively influence our world.

A message from Sean Siet, Assistant Superintendent:

We are so pleased to be able to offer this extremely valuable resource to all K-12 staff! The instructional coaching program is designed for all staff as a resource to assist with new strategies or to hone/refine existing educational techniques or practices. The program is open to staff of all experience and grade/content levels and can truly serve to help improve instructional practice. It is imperative that there is complete trust between the coach and staff member and thus the relationship between the staff member and coach is confidential, meaning none of the discussions which take place will be shared with other staff and/or administrators. Bernards Township school district is fully supportive of all staff being able to engage in meaningful conversations regarding instructional practice. The instructional coach is one very important avenue to help foster these important conversations.

The goal of the instructional coaches is to increase the opportunity for success for teachers and students by inspiring excellence built upon trust and collaboration.

  • A classroom where learning thrives and comfort is in abundance

  • A cooperative community of all levels of staff, through all modes of interconnection, focused on facilitating growth and promoting collaboration

  • Gather resources and research

  • Collaborate on lesson plans

  • Provide lesson plan feedback

  • Demonstrate a lesson

  • Provide NON-evaluative feedback on a lesson (no judgement!)

  • Help you integrate technology into your classroom

  • Help design interventions to meet student needs

  • Offer strategies for differentiation

  • Be a listening ear

  • Offer support & positivity

  • Be an extra set of hands in the classroom

  • Be a sounding board for ideas

  • Provide PD for you or your team

  • Sub in your classroom so you can observe a colleague

  • Team teach with you