Intro to Science Research and Design (SRD)

Press Release Project

10th graders in Intro to SRD are learning experimental design and science communication skills by writing their own scientific press releases. These press releases play an important role in sharing new scientific discoveries in a way that is accessible to the general public. The students began by comparing published press releases to the research articles they promoted to identify interesting and effective strategies for sparking the public’s interest. Then, to demonstrate and apply their knowledge, they wrote their own press releases and created teaser videos for research articles of their choice to share with the BC community. Click on the images below to see the wide array of research topics and enjoy some inspirational work from our youngest SRD cohort!

Forget the Wolf of Wall Street: Nature's Shrewdest Trade Dealers are Hiding in Your Backyard

By: Jude T.

Why LGBTQ Youth are at a Higher Risk of Developing Suicidal Behaviors

By: Eva vdB.

Anxious around Crowds? How Wearable Tech is Improving our Understanding of Social Anxiety

By: Lola P.

Competition Makes Oil Degrading Bacteria Less Effective

By: Amba D.C.

Chocolate? In Cool Shapes? Sign Me Up!

By: Peter S.

Dehumanization; it's Dominant Role in Defending Violence

By: Finnora S.

A New Hope for Those At-Risk for Sjogren-Larsson Syndrome

By: Luke Kru.

Addictive Behaviors: Obsessive Reliance on Juul Pods Explained.

By: Fatoumata N.

Industry or Individuals Causing the Harm? Researchers Investigate the Source of Plastic in Dolphins.

By: Ruthy F.

Preserving Spectacle: Ancient Roman Theaters and Their Modern Reflections

By: Lane R.

Study Shows Altruism and Moral Intelligence Increase with Age

By: Michael M.

Marine Debris on the Seafloor

By: Luke Kr.