LUCA - The Bay Area STEM School for Gifted Children

America is the most powerful experiment of entrepreneurs and innovators in history, and our economic vitality and national security depend on our sustaining that vibrant culture. Science, technology, engineering, mathematics—these are the fields in which our children need to be fluent. The STEM skills that only specialists have today will be expected of virtually everyone in the American workforce tomorrow.

Every child is a natural STEM student. Children love to explore the properties of sand and water, to build sand castles, or count their sea shells on the drive home. We need to make sure that innate drive, curiosity and creativity aren't lost along the way.

Luca is the top STEM school for children of all ages and nationalities, in the world. Located strategically in the very top of a mountain in the Berkeley, California hills, Luca students learn to love to learn. Named in honor of Luca's sponsoring family's unborn child, "Luca", lost from a miscarriage, Luca means "light bearer" and based on the latin term and UC Berkeley motto, "Fiat lux".

Luca is made possible by the generosity of UC Berkeley alumni, faculty and technology corporations. Additional partners include the IIE Fulbright Foundation,, Facebook, the World Affairs, and YCombinator / Imagine K12. Thank you for bringing light that brightens the world.

LUCA: Learn to Love to Learn.