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Questions about choosing a college? Need help forming distance-learning study habits? Confused abut the new admission requirements? Sign up for a 1:1's with anyone from the Counseling team to get your questions answered!

upcoming events & important updates

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Juniors: Need help preparing for Senior Year?

Want to learn more about EAOP?

We invite you to watch the recording of our EAOP Student Panel to learn more about our program from the perspective of currents students! If you're interested in applying, complete the form in the link below. Selections will be made by early March 2021

9th Graders - want to learn more about A-G's & College? Apply for EAOP!

Meet Ms. O

Dear Titans & Titan Families,

Welcome to the 2020-21 School Year! I'm Ms. O and I am the EAOP/DCAC College Adviser. I've created this site for all to easily access upcoming events, important dates, and other useful resources to support students in their post secondary (aka, post Hercules High) goals. I encourage all students and families to make use of this site and the Hercules Counseling Team as resources for y'all!

Fun Facts about Ms. O:

  • I'm a proud product of immigration from Puerto Rico, the Philippines, and China

  • I graduated from UC Davis with my Bachelor's in Sustainable Agriculture and am applying for a Master's degree

  • I love all things Bruno Mars and Beyonce, feel free to play any of their music with me :)

  • I'm excited for a 3rd year with my Titan Scholars!!

Please explore the site and schedule a 1:1 if you have any questions or concerns.

In Service,

Ms. O